Feathers will get ruffled...

Apple iToilet - over 1.5 million people offended...


A lawsuit waiting to happen...

I wrote this spoof to vent my frustrations with Macs. To be honest, Apple has fixed a lot of the major "issues" I had with Macs, mainly thanks to OS X.

Who knows, maybe they saw the iToilet and took notes!

Choke the Chicken! - Quite therapeutic

Possibly the most pointless thing on the web ever.

It's not really a game or spoof, just hover your mouse over the chicken to shock him.

Completely pointless, yet strangely satisfying.

Guestbook Hall of Fame/Shame

Not a spoof, but a selection of the best of the worst guestbook contributions, hand-picked by Kin Wicked, patron and defender of the chicken guestbook!

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