Flash sites and animations

A selection of Flash animations I have created for various web sites.

Most of the examples shown started out as still photographs, I chopped out elements from these and animated them in Flash to liven up the otherwise static web pages.

These effects could just as well have been achieved using video clips, but the benefit of producing this stuff in Flash means significantly quicker loading times (and much higher quality than would be possible using video clips of equivalent file size.)

Click thumbnails to view animations:

Rippling water plus goldfish.
Animated flames.
Subtle lens glare, and more ripples.
Sunlight time-lapse effect. Makes use of the handy colour blend modes introduced into recent versions of the Flash player.
Light rays
Streaming in through the window, slightly different to the previous effect.

Flower power
A cartoony Flash site I built for another design agency .co.uk, which includes a funky animated intro that "draws itself".

Laptop - A picture within a picture within a picture within a picture within a picture within a...
Leafy - Branches waving about in the breeze.