A selection of the various bits of work I've done over the past few years.

Animation - it's alive!

Big bad wolf

NEW 2010

Short character animation work in progress.

"Digital Gold" - 3D/Photoshop abstract experiments

A collection of 3D experiments and happy accidents. Very different from anything else I've done.

I have developed some of these images with CD covers, hi-tech websites etc. in mind.

3D modelling and illustration

A mix of commercial and personal projects showing some of the 3D and illustration work I've produced over the past few years using 3ds max/ Photoshop/ Illustrator and Flash.

Flash sites and animations


A selection of Flash animations I have created for various web sites.

Most of the examples shown started out as still photographs, I chopped out elements from these and animated them in Flash to liven up the otherwise static web pages.

These effects could just as well have been achieved using video clips, but the benefit of producing this stuff in Flash means significantly quicker loading times (and much higher quality than would be possible using video clips of equivalent file size.)

Spoofs and Parodies - Feathers will get ruffled


The infamous Apple iToilet! The Michael Jackson Baby Bounce Game! It's all here.

Chicken Choons - Your ears will bleed

In my spare time I enjoy building beats and tunes in Fruityloops (generally breakbeat or drum and bass)

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