Chicken Choons - Your ears will bleed

In my spare time I enjoy building beats and tunes in Fruityloops (generally breakbeat or drum and bass)

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Click track names to open mp3 samples in your default media player, or right click to download.

Growling bassline and synthy stabs

- Loud.

- Tight punchy dnb beat

Tribal Heat (short sample)

Phat bass and bongos

Tribal Heat (full version)
Finished tune - if an African tribe used a synthesizer this is what they would make.
(3.8Mb - right click to download)


Makes use of the Think and Pleader breaks (which have already been sampled countless times before... so what's one more log in the fire, eh?)

Nasty twisted bassline with a snare drum built from shattering glass

Coldplay versus Ohio Express
A comedy mash-up I made using Coldplay's Clocks and Ohio Express' Yummy yummy yummy.
I submitted this to the Chris Moyles show for a running feature, but I don't think he ever aired it...

Gut Feeling
Smooth drum n bass

Funky Chicken
Do the funky chicken! Very cheesy and out of place, but thought I'd include it for a bit of variety

Chilled dnb

Minimal: a kick, snare and sub bass

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