3D modelling and illustration

A mix of commercial and personal projects showing some of the 3D and illustration work I've produced over the past few years using 3ds max/ Photoshop/ Illustrator and Flash.

Incy wincy, innit. Cartoony kitchen WIP (explanation coming soon...) Cartoony garden with bizarrely shaped tree.
Ant character designed for recording studio Side UK French maid, clearly with a bit of an attitude. Woof, woof! etc. The infamous iToilet.
Click here to read the spoof ad.
Hungry flower. A hamster wearing a tutu.
No seriously.
Spoilt for choice!
I made this 3D bloodbag model for a British based design agency. Felt queasy afterwards (staring at digital blood is unhealthy)
Work in progress McLaren F1 wireframe
Low res test renders (the  car paint still needs a lot of work, looks too much like plastic.)
"Rex", a hi poly model of a rather threatening looking creature.
"Hornet", in a similar style to "Rex". Also my first time playing with ambient occlusion. "Bookworm" - truly twisted. This venus fly trap inspired creature explodes through a bookcase.
I plan to develop this into something inspired by an image I saw in an Anime.
Stereotypical superhero.
Work in progress cartoon dog model
Image created for UK car modding magazine Revs. Brief was to have it in a similar style to the Life of Brian title.
A cartoon rat. He's armless.
It's a "mousetrap"
...do you get it?
One of the earliest things I built in Studio Max. Brace yourself for the excitement...
a big empty room.
Based on a sketch by Magritte, the woman's hair forms the craggy rock formations of an island.
She needs moisturising cream. Part of an idea I was playing around with at college.
The Sphinx girl idea in reverse, with the Sphinx's face super-imposed onto the girl's.
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