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Welcome to the Chicken's Hall Of Fame. This is where we post some of the most entertaining comments donated to the guestbook. We would like to thank those who have contributed their thoughts and opinions, particularly in relation to the iToilet, but also regarding the amazing art works of the Electric Chicken himself There have, of course, been so many comments about the Michael Jackson Bouncing Baby Balcony Bunjee! but at present these will not be found here. This is largely due to not having time at the moment, but also due to the fine line between laughing at the stupidity of illiterate and obsessed 12 year olds, and being disturbed by the illiteracy and obsessive behaviour of 12 year olds.

The Hall Of Fame has been created to allow you to see some of the highlights of the guestbook without having to trawl the pages. This page has recently been updated, and there are now four sections for those who have shown outstanding excellence in the field of idiocy, with a fifth dedicated to memorable quotes and comments.

Since this accompaniment to the guestbook was first created, the guestbook has started enabling smilies / emoticons. I periodically backup the guestbook into a word document. Due to this process, I can't guarantee that the smilies will retain their correct places so they have been removed for the Guestbook Hall of Fame. Sorry J

We would like to make our intentions very clear before we let you go a wondering through these highlights. You will have read the iToilet spoof. Hopefully you will have seen the 'disclaimer' at the bottom. The iToilet IS a joke. We say this not for the benefit of those who insist on contributing their own humour with the generic "Where can I buy one of those things?", but for the hardcore MacHeads out there who take this as a personal affront. To those people: LIGHTEN UP!! Just as you love your Apple Mac machines and shiny new OSX, so we dislike it! We're not overly fond of Windows either, but there's more to PC's than Bill Gates!

Now meet:

The Ward


Naked George



But don't forget to take a glance at our favourite comments and quotes.



One regular contributor has been given his own section. He has provided a special brand of humour / insanity that has kept us all amused. So go and visit Donald at:

The Cult Of The Sacrilegious Apple

 If you have a hankering to appear in Electric Chicken's Hall of Fame, you only need be a hardcore Mac lover. Those who feign stupidity by spamming or other such pointless and annoying behaviour will simply be ignored and as has been done before, spamming will result in your messages being stricken from the guestbook.

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